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Regional Banquet changes

Posted on behalf of Geri Fellerman:

For all of those who will be attending the banquet, please note that we will be moving the time forward 1/2 hour – thus, the cocktail hour will start at 6:30 p.m. and the dinner at 7:30. Hope to see everyone there. The committee has been working tirelessly to make this all come together.

For those who will be getting awards and are not able to attend. Please try to get someone to pick up your award. If this is not possible, awards will be available at a few upcoming shows, notably Garden State. If no one can pick up your award either at the banquet or at a regional show, the Lands will be happy to mail it to you but we much charge $15 per award as postage fees have gone way up.

Looking forward to a great weekend in York!



NAR/SAA – Now Closed.

Thank you all for your generous support of our show! We are now closed, please check the links below for our breed summaries.

NAR Fundraiser Breed Summary (Saturday)

Siamese Alliance of America Breed Summary (Sunday)

See you this weekend!
Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager

Regional Award Photos – WHERE ARE YOU??

famous_miniWe are still missing quite A LOT of photos, however you are in luck. We are apparently on hold waiting for some files from CO to be corrected. That means you have a few more days to get these photos in. Please I implore you, even if you are not getting an award this year, take a look and see if you see anyone you know that may miss out of having there images submitted in time for their award. PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the updated photo submission status page.


  • High Resolution (300dpi) are needed for TOP 25 Awards, Best of Breed (ONLY first), Agility Winners, Househould Pet Awards.  These photos will be used for one or both awards and/or booklet.
  • Low Resolution acceptable for 2nd & 3rd Best of Breed, Distinguished Merits, Grandstand, Baby Boomer, Memorial, and OTRA. These photos will be used for the slideshow and presentation.

You don’t have much time left as we are running very, very close to being able to submit our trophy order in time as it is. Please submit your photos immediately to

Sophia Staples

Closing Soon – NAR / SAA (5/23-24/15)

nail-biting-diseaseOur entry clerk Debbie Kusy just made it back home from work and has told me that she will be putting in entries received today and last night for the next couple hours. So we are extending our closing to 8:30pm tonight. You can still get those last minute entries in at, don’t be left out!

Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager

Preliminary Breed Summary – NAR / SAA

we-want-youWe are coming up on 12 hours left to get your entries in for the NAR Fundraiser / Siamese Alliance of America show. Remember this show was designed with YOU, THE EXHIBITOR, in mind from our prices to our format. Below you will find a link to the PRELIMINARY BREED SUMMARY as of this evening. We’ve got some good numbers in Championship but would like to see Kitten and Premiership puff up a bit. If you have the capability and the time please consider throwing in another entry, I mean for $30 can you even pass that up? The show will close Tuesday, May 19th 6:00pm firm. What are you waiting for? You still have time to go over to and get those last minute entries in. We thank you all for your support, now lets show them why “We’re #1 For a Reason”!

Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager

It’s The Final Countdown…

announcement-retroThis show will be a great way to show your Regional support in many ways.

1. ENTRIES: All the proceeds from the show will go directly to the Region 1 treasury so the more entries you send, the bigger the check we cut to Region 1.

2. SPONSORSHIPS: We still have a few open Regional awards available for sponsorship. For a current list of available sponsorships please click this link – NARSponsorships2015. This show will be one of the very last opportunities to get us to 100% sponsorship.

3. BAKED GOODIES: Our Regional Director, Geri Fellerman will be bringing many delectable, delights for our Bake Sale AND is even willing to take pre-orders by email

4. RAFFLE: Geri is also running a wonderful raffle and has asked to let you all know that she would appreciate any donations to be put on the table.

5. 50/50: I mean come on… who doesnt love a 50/50. Need I say more.

The deadline is fast approaching to get your entries in for the NAR Fundraiser/SAA show in Lebanon, PA on May 23-24. We will close for entries at 6pm Tuesday night, May 19th. If you all were waiting to the last minute, now is the last minute! Let’s get those entries in and show that the SP show can still be a great option. Debbie has had a particularly busy week at work and has been working hard to get all the confirmations out this weekend. If you entered last night your entries will be confirmed shortly. Thank you all for your support!

Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager

Calling All Hands!

Grumpy-Cat-SponsorshipsHi everyone.

So far this year the process has gone fairly well. We have nearly 2/3’s of our Top 25 sponsored.  Good. We have over 75 various awards that are still awaiting your sponsorship.  Not so good.


We still have a few ring sponsor spots available for only $100. Top 25s, DM, and Grands of Distinction are only $40 (less than the cost of a show entry). Breed Awards and Household Pets are only $25!!

If every fifth person who reads this sponsored a cat tomorrow, we’d be 100% complete overnight.

Club secretaries, please mention this to your members; perhaps the club would like to sponsor a member’s award?

We are still anxiously expecting to hear from quite a few people.  Won’t you please consider checking out the site and sponsoring an NAR award today?

As if you needed extra motivation, our region’s motto is “We’re Number 1 for a Reason”, but I am here to tell you that another region has already received over 95% sponsorship, and their prices are 20% higher than ours.  Let’s show em how its’ done people; help us put on the best celebration of this region’s outstanding winners for 2015 that we can.

Thanks for listening.

NAR Fundraiser/SAA Update

nar_logoThere is always a risk with trying something new (well old but new to some). I am very happy to hear that the response to our All Specialty NAR Fundraiser/ 4AB; 2SP Siamese Alliance shows is actually very good. Our entry clerk Debbie Kusy has informed me that entries are coming in steadily and we are actually ahead of many of the shows she has clerked for at this time. Please, if you are on the fence and thinking about entering, we hope that you decide to give us a try. We have done quite a bit to make sure that this show is inexpensive and enticing particularly with multiple entries. Don’t forget this will be one of you last opportunities for those last minute Regional Awards Sponsorships in as well. For more information on the show and online entry go to

On a side note, if anyone attending has children that wish to steward (or adults for that matter) please email Debbie Kusy​ at

Thank you for your time,

Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager

NAR Fundraiser / Siamese Alliance

We hope that you all will join us for the NAR Fundraiser/Siamese Alliance of America show on May 23-24, 2015. We have gone to great lengths to make this show enticing for all exhibitors and particularly our Region 1 residents.

Here are a few reasons to attend:

1. When was the last time you have been to an ALL SPECIALTY show? We thought this would be a great way to give people a taste of the good ‘ole days and lots more opportunity for final placements.

2. We have dramatically cut entry prices. I mean additional entries $30?? You can’t beat that and for that price it’s a great opportunity to bring out new babies for experience and older babies for grand points! You won’t find prices like these very often.

Our fundraiser has been geared to make the region the some much needed funds. We are well on our way with 100% ring sponsorship of the NAR Fundraiser.

Speaking of sponsorships, we are also well on our way to 100% sponsorship of our Regional Awards and we need YOUR help to get there. Our show will be a great opportunity to get those sponsorships in to help support the region and celebrate all of your wonderful achievements. The deadline is May 31, 2015 so this will be one of your last opportunities to lock in your contribution. For more information about the Regional Awards Banquet and Sponsorship availability, please visit and sign up for the NAR blog at

We hope all of our efforts will be fruitful and hope to see you all there! For more show information and online entry, please visit

Sophia Staples
Co-Show Manager


As some of you are aware, the file from CO was not entirely correct. There are having some technical difficulties and will be sending out a corrected copy of the file shortly. Thank you all for your time and patience.


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