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Regional Director: John Adelhoch – mcascade@optonline.net

Treasurer: Russell Webb – whitewebrex@aol.com

NAR secretary: Teresa Land- whiskerlan@aol.com

Show Scheduler: Anthony Nardone- mcascade@optonline.net

Webmaster: Michelle Beaudry – etonnantcats@gmail.com

Region 1 Agility Coordinator: Jill Archibald – bishoparch@aol.com

Region 1 BAP Coordinator: Julie Keyer – kattalyst.osh@gmail.com

Region 1 Mentor Coordinator: Deb Kenny – sejumay@gmail.com


President – Mark Hannon

Vice President – Dick Kallmeyer

Secretary – Rachel Anger

Treasurer – Kathy Calhoun


Region 1 (North Atlantic) – John Adelhoch

Region 2 (Northwest) – Pam Moser

Region 3 (Gulf Shore) – Kathy Black

Region 4 (Great Lakes) – John Colilla

Region 5 (Southwest) – Lisa Marie Kuta

Region 6 (Midwest) – Mary Auth

Region 7 (Southern) – Jean Dugger

Region 8 (Japan) – Edward Maeda

Region 9 (Europe) – Pam DelaBar

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