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Our Regional Director, Sharon Roy is always eager to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns.


Welcome to the North Atlantic Region’s website, we are region #1 in the Cat Fancier’s Association Inc.

Our region encompasses a large area of North America, including Bermuda, Canada (East of the 77th meridian), Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (East of the 77th meridian), Pennsylvania (East of the 77th meridian), Rhode Island and Vermont

If you are interested in attending a CFA Cat Show in our Region, check our Show Schedule for show locations and dates

We have a regional e-mail list on YahooGroups to discuss issues concerning the North Atlantic Region. To subscribe, send an e-mail to cfa-northatlanticregion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

This program aims to help and support breeders, who find themselves in an out-of-control situation, by making assistance available through other breeders.  The Breeder Assistance Program is able to help with advice, food, physical assistance, and placement of cats, if necessary.

CFA created this program to answer those questions that a new CFA exhibitor has! Perhaps not all of them, but as many as we possibly can.

The program covers a variety of topics - from how to enter a show, how to get both you and your cat ready for the show, special travel considerations, and how to make the show a great experience for you and your cat.  Visit the New Bee website for great information!

Do you want to show and/or breed pedigreed cats? If so, then the CFA Mentor Program is the place to start!  Visit the Mentor Program’s website for information such as planning a cattery, selecting foundation breeding cats, raising kittens, grooming and nutrition.

A great guide to help kids be involved in the Cat Fancy

You've all heard about dog agility competitions, now visit our Feline Agility website for information on cat agility competitions!  It’s great fun for both you, and your cat!

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The NAR will be hosting the 2019 in Verona, NY.  We are selling our custom Scratch off & WIN! Tickets.  All proceeds go to the 2019 CFA Annual hospitality
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