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NAR All Breed Judges

Lorraine Rivard – AB

Location: Quebec, Canada

Phone: 819-322-7148

Email: chaopya@cgocable.ca

Lorraine, along with her husband Pierre, established Cha-o-P’ya Cattery in 1994 – a small cattery, breeding exclusively Siamese. Due to careful breeding they have improved their Siamese with successful results including two regional winners, seven DM’s and 45 Grand Champion & Premiers.

While successfully breeding Siamese for 13 years, Lorraine moved up the ranks working as a ring clerk and then as a master clerk. She was accepted into the judging program and as a shorthair trainee in 2007. In order to advance in the program, Lorraine knew that she’d have to work with other breeds. Over the next four years, Lorraine worked with and had living with her, a Chartreux, a American Shorthair, a Persians, an Exotic, a Maine Coon as well as agented an Abyssinian, a Japanese Bobtail and a Birman. All of which she showed to their Grand Champion titles.

In May 2008 Lorraine was advanced to shorthair apprentice. After working in that area and becoming an approved shorhair judge, she was accepted as a longhair trainee in 2010. In February 2011 Lorraine was advanced to longhair apprentice which approved her to judge double speciality.

Having retired after 42 years as a financial advisor and mortgage originator in a Montreal bank, Lorraine is free to apply all her energy and dedication to CFA.

Sharon Roy – AB

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-264-1952

Email: sharonroy@grolen.com


I started showing in 1976 with a Tonkinese Female, Shani Lyn. Shanfoo Cattery was prominent in the early days when the Tonkinese were working towards Championship in CFA, the Tonkinese were advanced to Championship in May 1984.

I started my judging career in another association in 1980; then I applied to CFA in 1988 and began Judging in 1989. Some of the other breeds I have shown and owned over the years are Turkish Angoras as well as pets in the HHP division.

Sharon has also served 2 terms as the North Atlantic Regional Director f

Gary Veach – AB

Location: Maywood, New Jersey

Phone: 201-776-6754

Email: BriarMar99@aol.com

Gary Veach has been a CFA Allbreed judge since 1988. Starting out in Michigan and then in 2000, relocating to New Jersey.In the past he has served for four years as a Director at Large for the CFA board. He has service of more than 25 years in the CFA clerking program and currently holds a Master Clerk Instructor license.

Along with his partner Omar Gonzalez with the Cattery names BriarMar and Veach, they have produced nearly twenty CFA National winners in the breeds of Persian, Oriental Shorthairs, American Shorthairs. In addition to the previous mentioned breeds, they have also produced many regional wins in the breeds of Cornish Rex, American Wirehairs, Siamese. They have produced many Distinguish Merit award winners in these breeds as well. GRC RW BriarMar’s Goldeneye of Veach is the first DM and highest producing American Wirehair male to date. NW GRC Candirand’s Lasting Impression of BriarMar was a black Persian male who produced over twenty three CFA Grand Champions, five of which went on to become CFA National winners themselves. Many of their cats are sires and dams of several cat of the year in both championship and the premiership classes. Most recently, Gary and Omar received CFA second best cat in Premiership award for NW GRP Romanxx Rock Star of BriarMar, a brown patched tabby and white Manx. Currently they have restarted their award winning Persian breeding program.

Gary is a member of several CFA clubs and was the co-show manager of Garden State Cat Club’s show in July of 2011.

He has judged in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Malta, Japan, Malaysia, China, Belgium and the Netherlands. He has guest judged for Fife, Rolandus, and WCF in Russia. He has guest judged for CCA in Canada.

He has judged many of CFA most prestigious shows like the CFA International show and CFA’s breed showcase show held in Madison Square Gardens in New York city. He has been the best of the best judge many times at both of these highest attended shows.

In addition to their cat interest, Gary and Omar have been breeding top winning Pekingese and now toy Poodles. Gary very much enjoys traveling, judging, exhibiting and any of his time spent with all animals.

Iris Zinck – AB

Location: Massachusetts

Phone: 781-483-3007

Email: purrformer@gmail.com

I have wanted to judge cats ever since I attended my first cat show back in 1988 and got to see “that wonderful lady with the funny cat glasses*” handle my first Russian Blue show kitten. My original cattery, “Silverlock”, was named after a science fiction/fantasy novel and was founded with my first husband, the late Robert Hoffman. We concentrated on Russian Blues and Turkish Angoras. While preparing for the judging program, I bred Oriental Longhairs and showed Persians, Birmans, American Shorthairs, Abyssinians, and Manx.

When I met Bob Zinck, who is now my second husband, and lured him into the cat fancy, we established a new cattery name: “Folie a Deux” (a French psychological term referring to a disease/delusion shared by two people :-). Our primary focus is bicolor Turkish Angoras and are proud to have produced the breed’s first bicolor National Winner, who’s also the 2009-10 Breed Winner. We are also now working with Siberians.

I was licensed as a LH Apprentice Judge in 2003, when the judging program rules still required out-of-region assignments for single specialty judges. I’ve consequently progresed through the program more slowly than current applicants do, but in June 2009, I was advanced to Approved Allbreed. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of judging in every single region of CFA (including Japan) and it’s been a wonderful trip indeed.

* For you newbies, I’m talking about Marilyn Cruz.

Jeri Zottoli – AB

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Phone: 717-232-4737

Email: euphoria1111@verizon.net

Jeri Zottoli is a life long resident of the central Pennsylvania area, living the past 34 years in the state’s capital Harrisburg. She lives with her husband of 16 years, Dan, and their cats – 2 Maine Coons, 1 Birman (spay) and 5 Bombays and a 12 year old Pug. Jeri had retired after 31 years of state employment, 20 years with the state’s parole board dealing with inmates and parolees. She is currently self-employed in a "Girl Friday" position.

Euphoria Cattery was registered with CFA in 1977 when Jeri began breeding Siamese, then Oriental Shorthairs, Bombays and Burmese. In 1994 Jeri got her first Birman. Jeri has also bred Persians (tabby) and Maine Coons, and has exhibited Cornish Rex, American Shorthairs, Japanese Bobtails, Abyssinian and Korats, including numerous Regional and National winners.  She no longer breeds Birmans, but has re-entered the world of Bombays, her favorite breed.  She has a small Bombay breeding program as well as a single in tact Maine Coon female.

In 1993 Jeri entered the CFA judging program. She has judged all over the continental United States and in Canada, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, China, Austria and Italy. Jeri has been the Birman Breed Council Secretary for several years, and  has been Bombay BCS for the past 2 terms.  She remains active as a “judge mentor” and instructor at the BAOS (judging school). She has also done CFA breed presentations for the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

Sheila Mizzi – AB

Location: Fairfax, Vermont

Phone: 802-849-2456

Email: sheilamizzi@aol.com

Russell Webb – AB

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

Phone: 862-221-9447

Email: whiteweb00@aol.com

NAR Specialty Judges


Doreann Nasin: AB

Location: Franklin, Connecticut

Phone: 860 857-9865

Email: silverpurkat@prodigy.net

When I went to my first cat show at the tender age of 9 years old in 1983 I was hooked from the start. I watched attentively as the judges would pull out the cats, handle them and describe each breed. I said to myself “that would be so cool to be a judge!”, I told my mother that I wanted to be a judge and worked hard in the beginning but as life has its twist and turns I was unable to apply or work on things towards the judging program right away. My mom has always been the best support for me. She was just the guardian signer, chauffeur and financial supporter that’s it, I made the breeding decisions, grooming, picking shows, learning vet cat care, etc. I started off in HHPs in the beginning and but got my first CFA registered persian in 1986 and start having litters in 1988 breeding whites, brown tabbies, creams and then later silvers. Yet through the early years of teenage life, college and work I had to stop from time to time but once I brought my first home 1995 I got back on track and focus on my requirements. In 2000 I was introduce to the world of Turkish Angoras and the joke was “TAs are like a bag of potato chips, you just can’t have one”. Boy were they right!! They are so rewarding and funny little characters!

I feel a CFA judge is the highest achievement in the cat fancy and a person who encourages growth in the cat fancy by encouraging, help teach and give advice to new exhibitors/breeders about the breeds they are working on. They should also entertain the spectators at the shows and gives those extra special touches towards encouraging young exhibitors to show, since they are the future of the fancy and to continue to maintain our organization. As the newest kid on the block I will set myself to these goals in mind and will continue to put my time, energy and heart into the judging program to achieve my goals as an allbreed CFA judge.

John Adelhoch: AB

Location: Warwick, New York

Phone: 845-986-9879

Email: mcascade@optonline.net

Chuck Gradowski- AB

Phone: 716-992-9243

Cell: 847-638-7670

Email: gradowskich@cs.com

- Registered Lawndale cattery in 1971

- Concentrated on breeding and showing of Abyssinians and Oriental Shorthairs

- Member of Abyssinian, Oriental Shorthair and Persian Bi-Color        Breed Councils

- Granded CFA’s first blue Abyssinian

- Actively breed and show Oriental Shorthairs

- CFA judge for more than 20 years

– Served on CFA’s judging committee, including as its Chair