NAR Regional Meeting

8:15 a.m. -- July 17, 2016

Garden State Cat Club


Meeting Called to Order

Regional Director’s Welcome

Introduction - NAR Committees:

Treasurer:   Russell Webb  

  Secretary:    Teresa Land

           Show Scheduler:   To be Filled

Web Master:    Michelle Beaudry/Dan Beaudry

Mentor Coordinator:  Deb Kenny

Agility Coordinator:   Jill Archibald

Old Business:

James Land -- NAR 2016 Regional Awards Show/Banquet Report

New Business:

2017 Regional Show and Awards Banquet Location:  

June 17, 2017 -- Best Western Hunts Landing, Matamoras, PA

Show Manager


One or Two Day show

# of Rings, e.g.:  6x6 // 6x4 // 4x4 // 5x5

Comments from the floor

Future NAR Meetings

N.E.M.O. - 08/28/2016  (Sturbridge, MA)

Cats without  Borders  - 09/10/2016  (Binghamton, NY)

Club Felins Fleur De Lys - 01/15/2017  (Burlington, VT)

Warwick Valley Feline Fanciers - 03/18/2017  (Matamoras, PA)